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Learn more about how Anvanca weight loss supplement works. Anvanca’s ingredients such as green tea extract, 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) and vitamins enhance your metabolic rate and help promote healthy serotonin levels.

Potential Use of 5-HTP in Pediatric Migraines

As more and more studies are published, there is mounting evidence to support that 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) may provide a number of health-promoting benefits. Studies have shown positive effects in weight management, sleep, mood disorders, and others. However, it is important to note that the claims linking 5-HTP to these benefits have not been approved by the FDA. Until then, you should consider any of these findings as preliminary, and 5-HTP … Continue reading

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Forskolin – How Anvanca® Works

Forskolin: A Fat Burner that Works Three studies[1]were performed by researchers at Johnson & Johnson Consumer group in France.  They explored the effects of a topical cosmetic slimming product, which contained both forskolin & caffeine among other ingredients. Each study explored the different aspects of the ingredients. Forskolin promoted fat burning In the first study, researchers tested effects of caffeine and forskolin on skin in the lab.  They applied the … Continue reading

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Potential Benefits of the Antioxidant Combo of Green Tea & Milk Thistle – How Anvanca® Works

Green Tea, Milk Thistle, and Cancer Prevention Cancer is a leading cause of death across the globe.  Scientists and doctors worldwide are constantly looking to improve existing approaches, and to better understand the process behind the causes and progression of the disease. Chemoprevention: Green Tea & Milk Thistle Given the limitation of the current therapies, many experts are now exploring the concept of chemoprevention.  Chemoprevention explores the use the phytochemicals … Continue reading

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Potential Underlying Mechanism of Green Tea – How Anvanca® Works


Green Tea May Block Fat Storage In a number of clinical and animal studies, green tea either in drink or green tea extract in a pill form have been shown to reduce weight.  However, the underlying mechanism of how green tea or green tea extract works is not fully understood. Green Tea may block the chemicals that cause the body to store fat Researchers in Japan conducted a study to … Continue reading

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Additional Possible Benefits of Green Tea – How Anvanca® Works

Green Tea and Cancer Scientists and doctors use the term chemoprevention to describe the practice of using naturally occurring compounds like green tea or man-made drugs to slow down or inhibit the development of cancer (carcinogenesis).   A recent review was published summarizing the pre-clinical and clinical research on the compounds in green tea and their potential role in helping to ward off cancer.  The researchers claimed that compounds in green … Continue reading

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