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Forskolin Burns Belly Fat

Forskolin Helps Burn Belly Fat & Improve Body Composition Forskolin is an great alternative to stimulant based fat-burners like ephedrine, yohimbe, and similar compounds.  Forskolin acts differently.  Instead of revving up your system, forskolin actually activate the enzymes responsible for burning fat.  In several clinical studies, forskolin was shown to help promote weight loss, fat loss and improvements in percent of lean body mass. Forskolin Helps Reduce Belly Fat Across … Continue reading

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Amphetamine Based Appetite Suppressants

Amphetamine derivatives & diet drugs The most common types of appetite suppressants are chemical cousins of amphetamines. Amphetamines are more commonly known as “speed”.  Amphetamines have been used as diet drugs for over 50 years, but the abuse potential and safety risks have limited their use.  Common anorectic drugs in this class are: Phentermine, Dexadrine® (dextramphetamine), Didrex®, etc.  Common over-the-counter supplements and drugs which fall in this class are: Bitter Orange (Synephrine), Ephedra, … Continue reading

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Forskolin Turns On Fat Burning Enzymes

Forskolin Activates Fat Burning Enzymes Forskolin is a great alternative to stimulant based fat burning ingredients like ephedrine, yohimbe, and similar compounds.  Forskolin acts differently.  Instead of revving up your system, leaving you feeling jittery or hyper, forskolin directly activates the enzymes responsible for fat burning. Role of cAMP in Fat Burning Forskolin increases the levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) within cells.  cAMP plays a role in controlling how … Continue reading

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Serotoin & Weight Loss

Serotonin, the Natural Appetite Suppressant Serotonin is a neurotransmitter.  Neurotransmitters are chemicals that help nerve cells communicate with one another. Serotonin plays a key role in helping the nerves transmit the full signal from the stomach to the brain.  Serotonin acts like a break on the hunger control system in the brain.  It shuts down cravings and turns off appetite.  Sugary foods stimulate serotonin production, and therefore, low serotonin levels … Continue reading

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Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea has been used for millennia.  The first mention of use of green tea for weight loss was in the early 1200′s in Japan.  Modern science is just catching up to what many in Asia have been taking for granted – green tea can help you lose weight. How does Green Tea Help?   Green Tea enhances your metabolism by slightly increasing body heat.  For this reason, it is classified … Continue reading

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