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Jogging Helps You Live Longer

A new study out of Denmark shows that jogging regularly can add approximately six years to your life. Regular Jogging Increases Longevity by up to 6 years Peter Schnohr, the chief cardiologist in charge of the study said “The results of our research allow us to definitively answer the question of whether jogging is good for your health” in a news release from the European Society of Cardiology. “We can … Continue reading

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The Secrets to Movie Star Physiques

How do movie stars look so good on screen?  It’s through intense work outs and diet.  These techniques aren’t for the faint of heart, and should not be undertaken unless you have been exercising for a while.  For beginners or intermediate exercisers, please try one of these workouts first. High Intensity Interval Training: This consists of short bursts of high intensity training, followed by what is called, active recovery.  An … Continue reading

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Exercising the Mind & Body Combats Age-Related Memory Loss

staying metally active

More and more data is surfacing that shows that moderate exercise and mental stimulation are key components to reducing the risk of age-related memory loss.  New research suggests that the combination of the two is better than either alone.  Any effort or movement requires energy, and energy requires the body to burn calories.  It becomes exercise, when this effort is maintained over time.  This may be a shift in thinking for some. Most … Continue reading

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Exercise – More People Are Walking

exercise - more people are walking

In the past few years, more and more Americans have started exercising by taking slower paced walks.  A recent government analysis showed that nearly 50 percent of all Americans in 2010 were walking as a form of exercise.  This is up from a little more than 40% in 2005.  These walkers were more likely to achieve the exercise guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. … Continue reading

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Building Exercise into Your Daily Routine


Don’t have time to visit the gym?  Don’t worry.  You can easily work aerobic exercise into your day without it.  Anvanca® defines exercise as any activity which requires effort over a period of time.  Any effort or movement requires energy, and energy requires the body to burn calories.  It becomes exercise when this effort is maintained over time, and it is measured in calories burned per time period, say 30 minutes. For … Continue reading

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