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Is Physical Health the Key to Mental Health?


In ancient times, people believed that physical fitness was critical in promoting mental health.  Over time, we moved away from that philosophy and started to separate out the body from the mind. It seems like the ancients had it right.  A sound body is the key to a sound mind.  Fortunately, having a sound body is more under our control.  Diet and an exercise have both been shown to reduce … Continue reading

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Exercise can help women with breast cancer

women on exercise ball

It’s completely understandable why exercise isn’t usually top of mind for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  However, based upon the results from a recent study, maybe it should be.  Researchers from the University of Miami found that exercising regularly helped reduce depression, fatigue, and improved the overall quality of life for women undergoing treatment.  Those patients did even better when the exercise was combined with group-based behavior therapy. This … Continue reading

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Women aren’t Getting Enough Exercise


Women are less likely than men to get the recommended daily amount of exercise, 30 minutes per day, a recent national study showed.  This puts women at greater risk of developing metabolic syndrome, excess body or belly fat, and insulin resistance, that when occurring together increases the risk for obesity, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Researchers evaluated over 1,000 men and women from across the country, and they found that women … Continue reading

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Exercise Excuses & How to Beat Them (Part III)


This is the last post of a three part series. The focus of these posts is to tackle some of those excuses head on, and provide you with ways to overcome them. 4th Most Popular Exercise Excuse: “It’s boring” This excuse is one of the most common, because people tend to have a very narrow view of exercise.  Most people view exercise as something you do at the gym, or as … Continue reading

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Exercise Excuses & How to Beat Them


There are so many healthy reasons to exercise.  People who exercise regularly are healthier hands down.  They have lower risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments.  They tend to sleep better, and as we have seen time and again, better sleep means more less weight gain or more weight loss.  If we all know this, then why aren’t we exercising like we should?  Let’s face it,  no matter … Continue reading

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