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Coaching: How to Build Better Habits

Before we can start to talk about building new habits, let’s take a second to define what a habit really is, and how it is built.  A habit is a set routine, which is repeated regularly, and generally occur subconsciously.  Habits generally occur unnoticed and are the simplest form of learning.  Habits are harder to form and harder to break because they cause changes in the neural pathways in the brain.

As behaviors are repeated consistently over a period of time, the brain learns to associate these behaviors as a pattern.  The brain then starts to bundle them together.  Once bundled, a neural pathway begins to form.  After 21 to 28 days of consistent behavior, the pathway is complete and a new habit is born.

Anvanca® defines exercise as any activity which requires effort over a period of time.  Any effort or movement requires energy, and energy requires the body to burn calories.  It becomes exercise when this effort is maintained over time.  It is measured in calories burned per time period, say 30 minutes.

For many, this is a shift in thinking.  Most people view exercise as something you do at the gym, or as part of a daily routine outside.  In reality, exercise can be something as simple as cleaning the house, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking farther away from your destination so you have to walk a few extra minutes.    The great news is, when it comes to weight loss, your body cannot tell the difference.  For the most part, a calorie is a calorie.  This is important from a habit perspective, because you can start small, and build up your routine as you become more successful.

Coaching Tip #1: Start Small

  • Clean the house: 15 minutes of doing the dishes (rather than using the dishwasher), folding and putting laundry away, sweeping and/or dusting can make a dent if it becomes part of your everyday routine.
  • Park farther away:  Add 15 minutes of light walking (in comfortable shoes of course) and burn nearly 50 calories.
  • Play with your kids and/or pets:  15 minutes a day would be good for all of you.  A walk would also be a beneficial alternative.
  • Take the stairs:  Even walking up and down stairs burns calories.  You can burn 50 calories if you can find a way to use the stairs for 10 minutes.

Coaching Tip #2: Commit

In order for a habit to stick, consistency is the key.  This is why I ask that you to start small.  Smaller changes are easier to keep.  You can increase the challenge as you become more and more successful.

Coaching Tip #3: Positive Reinforcement

As silly as this may seem, keep a log where you give yourself a star or some other means of recognition.  The more the brain associates this behavior with a positive outcome, the stronger the link will become.

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