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There are so many weight loss products on the market today, it's hard to tell which diet pill works. The truth is, there are some pills that work better than others, and it's important to know which best match your needs. However, the single biggest factor in determining whether a pill will work for you, is what you do with it. No matter how good a pill may be, if you aren't willing to put some effort into it, you'll likely be disappointed with the results.

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Mega-T® Review

What is Mega-T?

Mega-T is marketed by CCA Industries, Inc.  Mega-T is a line of green tea based supplements, which are focused on increasing metabolism and burning fat.

Mega-T Review #1: Ingredients

Mega-T has a line of products which either use Green Tea, or Green Coffee Bean extracts as their base.  Of the two, Green Tea has the most clinical data to support its effects in increasing metabolism and burning fat.  However, on their own, the effects of green tea and green coffee bean extracts are modest.  Most people lose around one-half to one pound per week.  Therefore, most, if not all, weight loss pills with green tea or green coffee bean extract add extra ingredients, and here’s where Mega-T falls a little short.  Although, much hyped, Hoodia and Acai, the two other main ingredients in Mega T have very little clinical data supporting their effect.

Mega-T Review #2: How it Works

Green tea and Green Coffee Bean extract both contain chemicals from a chemical family called catechins.  These chemicals have been shown to work in a number of ways.  The main effect in weight loss comes from their ability to raise body temperature, causing you to burn more calories at rest.  When you eat less, they can help you lose weight by burning more than you normally do.  However, they don’t help you control your appetite, so the challenge can be in cutting back enough without feeling hungry all of the time.

Mega-T Review #3: Price

Mega-T sells for around $20 for the basic version, which is relatively cheap as weight loss pills go.

Mega-T Review #4: Support

Mega-T does offer meal and exercise plans, but they are very basic, and not customizable.  They do not offer coaching.

How Anvanca® Stacks Up to Mega-T




Curb Hunger


Curb Sugar Cravings


Increase Metabolism



Burns Fat by Body Heat



Turns of Fat Burning Enzymes


Provides Customized Meal Plans


Provides Customized
Exercise Plans




Provide a Rewards Plan: More You Lose, More You Save


 Anvanca Gives You More

If you want to lose weight, Anvanca® clearly offers you more.  Anvanca not only help increase metabolism and burn fat, but Anvanca also curbs hunger, curbs sugar cravings, and stimulates the fat burning enzymes so you get increase fat burning effects.  What’s even more unique is, Anvanca is the only program that combines this effective weight loss supplement with free meal plans, free exercise plans, and personalized coaching to help you lose weight and keep it off.  We believe coaching is critical in the first month as you learn new behaviors.  We also offer you a rewards program, where you save money on our program as you lose weight.  No one else does that!  Anvanca is committed to help you lose weight.  See what we have to offer.

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