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“Healthy” Habits that May Hurt You

Food Labels – Not everything “pure” and “natural” is in reality, healthy. Food marketers know that these words provide a “health halo” over what is essentially a less than healthy food.  The halo effect happens when a person adds something “good” to counteract something “bad”.  As an example – the doughnut and the diet Coke trick.   Dieters are the most affected by this trap.  When it comes to food choices, … Continue reading


Where You Live Affects Your Health

This is a fascinating little study where researchers uncovered a link between access to parks, walking paths, safe sidewalks, trails, etc., and improved heart health.  Over 6,000 people were followed by researchers.  Each was individually assessed for certain heart disease risk factors: total cholesterol, body mass index, diet, exercise, blood sugar, blood pressure, and smoking status.  Based upon the number of risk factors that a person had, they were placed … Continue reading

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