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Reducing Obesity Saves Money


The U.S. could save nearly $30 billion dollars in health care spending over the next five years if it could reduce obesity rates by 5%. Keeping people healthy is the most effective and most intuitive ways to reduce health care spending.  One of the biggest drivers of preventable diseases is obesity.  A third of the country is obese, and another third is overweight.  Only a third of the U.S. falls … Continue reading


Drinking on a Diet? What Should You Do?

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Drinking the Wrong Things Can Wreck Your Weight Loss Plan When people try to lose weight, they rarely think about what they drink.  In fact, drinking the wrong things can totally wreck your weight loss attempt, while drinking the right things can increase your chances of success. What to drink on a Weight Loss Plan: Drink More Water I hate to drink water too, but it is important.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Smart Options to Satisfy Your Sweet tooth

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Almost everyone has a sweet tooth.  The question is how to satisfy it when you are on a diet.  Deprivation is not always the best strategy on any weight loss plan or weight loss program.  It leads to resentment, and as resentment builds, the desire to rebel builds as well.  Rebellion can be a your worst enemy when you are trying to eat health and lose weight.  There is a … Continue reading


Heavier Kids & Asthma

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Asthma is caused by inflammation, usually due to some allergic or other trigger.  The inflammation triggers swelling, which blocks the airways making it difficult to breathe.  Steroids reduce inflammation, which is the reason that these drugs tend to be the gold standard in asthma and allergy treatment.  Obesity also causes inflammation.  Experts speculate that the chronic inflammation may desensitize the body, making the drug less able to work. Regardless of … Continue reading


Are Diet Pills the Answer?

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Recently the FDA advisory panel recommended the approval of the diet pill Qnexa.  If the agency approves, it will be the only other FDA approved drug next to Xenical or Alli.  Qnexa combines two drugs: phentermine, a distant cousin of amphetamines or “speed”, & topiramate, a drug used for seizures and migraines.  Because of the risk of heart attacks and birth defects, Qnexa was previously denied approval.  The advisory panel reversed itself because of some positive data on blood … Continue reading