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Common Diet Mistakes

Diet Mistake #1: Skipping Meals, especially Breakfast

Many dieters believe that skipping meals will help them. The reality is, it is setting them up to over eat at their next meal because they are ravenous. If not, then they snack because they get too hungry. Controlled snacking is OK, but if you skipped a meal, you probably didn’t plan for a snack so what do eat? Right, the junk that’s nearest to you.

Diet Mistake #2: Shopping on an empty stomach.

This is a horrible idea. A hungry brain has little impulse control. You’re going to be walking past thousands of poor choices, which you normally wouldn’t consider…but, the hungry voice in your head takes over. Before you know it, you cart is full, and you’ve been snacking on all the free samples in the store. Do yourself a favor; make sure you shop after dinner or on the weekends after breakfast or lunch.

Diet Mistake #3: Meeting food

This is one of the reasons that you shouldn’t skip meals. You make it to work, and you head into a meeting. What do you see?  Pastries, muffins (who are we kidding – unfrosted cupcakes), and maybe bagels. Yes?  What happens if you haven’t eaten breakfast… I think you get my point.  These choices are just plain bad, bad, bad.

Diet Mistake #4: Thinking you can get just one.

These are the famous last words of many a binge. It’s a very rare person who can have just one, and forget it if you’re hungry. Make sure you pack healthy alternatives. If you’re stuck in a situation where temptation is all around, it’s good to have a go to bag.

Diet Mistake #5: Eating on the run

Wolfing down your food is a sure fire way to over eat.  It takes your brain 20 minutes to get the signal from your stomach that you are full. You can do a lot of damage in 20 minutes so try not to eat when you’re rushed.  I know that can be extremely difficult. If you’re in a total bind, try to make sure that you chew each bit 5 times.  It’s not perfect, but when in need…

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